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WB Friday 6th June

Fantastic video of a 5000m race and a gentle reminder about a race never being over till its over (this goes for workouts / competitions as well) 


Complete following for time

800m run

3 rounds

7 Single Arm KB Strict Press (E/A) (24/16)

3/1 Legless Rope Climb

then finish with 800m run

// the guys at the gym wanted to hit some strict movements, I wanted some different KB work in there and this is what we got, the 800m run at the end was a good little lung burner to separate things out a bit


5min partner AMRAP

1 partner max cals AD

other partner completes following complex

3 Deadlift (60/40)

3 Hang Power Clean 

3 Front Squat

3 Push Press

3 Back Squat

can change as often as you like but only at the end of a whole complex (ie cant switch halfway thru power cleans etc)

// this workout turned out a treat, the combination of a light-med BB complex with the AD cranked things up fairly quickly, the AD almost became like active recovery from the complex after a couple of rounds.  Had two teams hit this and ended up on the basically the same score - one team rode harder and scored 30 more cals but ended up 30 reps behind on the complex 

Anyone looking to hit this solo it would probably be best as 10cals AD + 1 round of the complex, 5min AMRAP