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Advanced 16th August


20min to find a deadlift single

- before every set/attempt on the bar complete 5/3 HSPU


CrossFit Open 2.0

10min AMRAP
15 Double KB Snatch (16/12)
50 Double Unders

So we're going to be working through the Open workouts from this year with a few tweaks along the way to make it a bit different / better.  We'll run a bit of a leaderboard on board 2 to encourage some friendly competition but also so those that miss the session on Saturday can complete the workouts during the week.

So a bit of reasoning about week 1s changes from the original (30kg power snatches + 30 double unders).  I dont really like seeing high rep / light weight snatches, its notreally a movement that should be cycled and the best scores for this workout were generally achieved using odd techniques + things like thinner bars to minimise the grip factor, the double KBS imo is a better capacity testing movement as the movement is more cyclic.  Also the original workout had only 30 doubles which for the most part meant the double unders werent really a factor, taking it out to 50 double unders doesnt necessarily affect someone that is proficient but it will seriously damage someone that isnt good with a rope. Enjoy!