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Advanced 30th August

Original 14.3

We're continuing on with the Open 2.0 series of workouts, this time hitting probably the worst of the original workouts - the ascending deadlift, box jump workout.  The weights AND the reps went up on the original 14.3 creating a workout that was essentially impossible (and resulting in a crazy amount of reps at a crazy %).  Redone version is a little more palatable with the deadlift reps remaining the same and the box jumps becoming more of a factor.

There is another version Ive come up with which has descending weight and is done for time, we'll hit it at some point but for testing sake we'll roll with this version today


NFG Muscle Up Practice


Open 2.0

8min AMRAP
10 deadlift (50/80)
20 box jumps

+ 10kg per round on deadlift

post # rounds to comments and board 2