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WOD 1/12/14 _testing

A long video of the 85kg mens division from recent World Championships, if you've got an hour to spare and dont mind the chinese commentary definatly worth checking out

We've been doing a fair bit of Snatch work for the last 8 weeks, we're going to be doing a bit of testing today (and all this week on all the lifts), try and make sure you get in this week and establish your lift #'s so you have something to work from when we kick off the next round of lifting (and just so you know where your at with your training).  If you've never recorded your #'s - you should be! and if you need something to record them in grab one of the sweet CrossFit Adelaide training diaries (PRs guaranteed!)


Snatch (Full / Power / Hang)

build to a heavy single (15-20min)


3min AB max calories

rest 6min

3min AB max calories

post loads and cals to comments