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Advanced Aerobic Week 1 - 5th Jan

I know there are a few people tinkering around with some extra aerobic work and everyone is largely doing the same thing but having to ask what it is each week.  I mentioned this to a couple of people already (and Ive left it a bit late this week I know) but Im going to at the start of the week publish on here extra aerobic homework for each week - you can do it all or some of it, what days your going to do it is up to you, Ill let people know when Im doing it and your welcome to join if you like.

45min steady state 
find a comfortable conversation pace wattage (men 250 // women 200 - approx) so your working but not struggling and hold it there.  We'll look to add in extra work to this down the track (skill work in between sets etc) but for now treat it at light aerobic work and recovery

6 x 400m // 400m float recovery 
float recovery basically means an easy jog, so you keep moving the whole time, a good way to do it from the gym is to run out to the 800m turnaround and then jog slowly back, taking out the out/back turnaround means you can open up a bit on the run and maintain more consistent times. 

Ben - Saturday 8am

Row Intervals 
15 x 500m // 1:40 rest 
if you are only just joining the rowing interval club, I would recommend starting at 10 x 500m with a 2:00 rest and working at 1-2sec above your 2000m split time and work your way down.  Anyone that has been following for a while should be hitting 1-2 sec faster than their 2km split time

Ben - Thursday 3pm