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Advanced Aerobic Week 2 - Jan 12th

Largely more of the same this week, most people struggle to motivate to do standard aerobic work as it can be a bit mind numbing - my recommendation is to find someone else and rope them in to do it, if you make a formal play date then you have a better chance of actually doing it than if you "fit it in if you get a chance".

As I mentioned last week I will be posting my times for when I plan to do this and you are welcome to join, if these times dont suit let me know and you want someone to do the session with you let me know and if I can make time to do it with you I will.

4 x 800m run
400m float

With this I would say at least 1km warmup run beforehand, aim for consistent repeat times, the pace of the 400m float isnt so important at this stage but the fact that you are still running between efforts is

15 x 500m // rest 1:40

Expect a reduction in rest next week, shooting for consistent round times and if you are new to the row repeats then drop to 10 x 500 off 2min.  This is a pretty easy session to get done each week in that it doesnt take a lot of thinking and you will be a better person for it, try to be consistent week to week with getting this one done

AD / Run
45 min steady state

If you are interested in doing this as an easy run let me know, I need to get in some easy runs and would be happy to head out and run at anyones pace.  Run or Ride this is a good session to get in early in the day, also if you do it REGULARLY it will serve as a restorative session, do it once in a blue moon and it will be fucked everytime you do it...