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Advanced Strength / Gymnastics Week 2 - Jan 12th

Im going to bundle additional Strength and Gymnastics work together, it is up to you to how you incorporate this extra work into your training week.  It is designed that you can add it in and complete all the regular WOD classes as well.  You can bundle some of these together (ie Snatch + T2B work), hit me up if you need help how to incorporate.

Note - the regular class has 3 x 10min blocks of pullups every week, if you dont do the class I still expect this to be done and for the majority of you the focus needs to be CTB volume and efficiency

Strength Work

Session 1

Snatch (full)
3 rep TNG Heavy (15min)

Power Snatch 7min EMOM
5 reps AHAP (preferably tng and 60+ / 40+)

Session 2

5 sets
1 Power Clean + 1 Squat Clean + 2 Push - Jerk + 1 Split Jerk

For time
10 Clean +Jerk (65/45)
10 Clean + Jerk (75/55)
10 Clean + Jerk (85/65)

Gymnastics Work

10 rounds
20sec T2B
40sec rest
40sec AD
20sec rest

10-15 rounds
30 double under
2 muscle up + 2 ring dips (each muscle up has 2 ring dips)

3-6 HSPU E90sc
focus on strength and position with these - dont get reps at any cost, be in a good position (ie hollow, hands shoulder width etc)