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Advanced Friday Throwdown 16th Jan

Ill try and get the Friday Throwdown notes up in here as well for the people that work regular jobs and cant train luxuriously during the day, anyone not aware of this largely informal session - its around 3pm on a Friday afternoon and is written up on the spot based on who is there.  Normally these workouts are written as a head to head style of workout to get a bit of competition practice in - so not necessarily ideal to do as an extra homework kind of workout by yourself.  That said if you do have an appropriate slot in your training schedule to fit it in, do it and if you can find someone to go head to head with and see how breaks/rests affect how you would place in a competition (going head to head) then all the better.

Workout 1

1000m row
20 overhead squats (80/60)

target is to complete OHS either unbroken or in as few sets as possible, my recommendation unless it is an easy snatch for you is to clean + push-press onto the back of the neck before OHS to get it set in a better position to go for that bigger set / unbroken.

3 rounds for time
15 target burpees
6 muscle ups
3 rope climbs

rest 3-5min between rounds

target burpees are annoying as hell but get used to being accurate and consistent with your burpees. There is a time and a place for burpees which are just getting down up a bunch of times then there is being consistent, methodical and meeting a standard every rep.  Muscle ups UB or as few sets as possible, RC is you've got the juice for it go TNG