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Advanced Aerobic Week 3 - Jan 19th

Aerobic work for the week, we are going to be switching up the row to a 1min rest this week, dont stress too much about the reduction in rest and view it as it being exponentially worse that the 1:40 - 2:00min rest you've been having, taking it to a 1min rest means dropping your pace by a sec or two and its going to become more of a constant aerobic effort rather than a straight up interval session - still shoot for around your 2km split time for repeats.

Also steady state AD / Run work, I know most people arent doing this, as I mentioned last week - if you do this regularly it will become a restorative session for you, if you dont do it regularly you will not enjoy it... You can also sub in a swim here but i do want to see more people making a bit of time for a steady state session (that is or should become restorative in nature).

Run session - do it.  Just because Rich Froning is a shit running, that is not an excuse for you to be a pie out there, hit the repeats and become a better athlete.

12 x 500m row // 1min rest

AD / Run
45min steady state - bike is good for holding a constant pace but there are also loads of good easy run loops near the gym

6 x 400m run // 400m float