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Advanced Aerobic Week 4 - Jan 26th

No excuses this week, first 2 sessions need to be completed, 3rd as well if feasible.


15 x 500m row
1min rest 

the rowing jugganaut keeps going, we are heading towards 20 rounds off a 1min rest, if your coming in late to the row party, alter pace and rounds accordingly.  If you've been missing weeks here and there with the rowing, get into a routine and stop missing the sessions!! If you "dont have time" do a 2000m piece, if you still dont have time do a 500m fly and die and you will find you make time to do the full session...


15min max distance

Out of interest id like everyone to do a 15min max distance skierg test this week, people seem to be struggling to do a 45min ride or run so Im making it easier and taking it down to 15min and you dont even have to leave the gym to do it, time to get comfortable with the skierg...


Dolphin Run 5km/10km event is on Sunday at Semaphore, get yourself entered and run against some other people, competition is always good.  Having an old dude in asics from 1975 cruise past you is a healthy reminder that just because your snatching 100+kg doesnt mean your the ultimate well rounded athlete and you still have weaknesses that need addressing...