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Advanced Strength / Gymnastics Week 4 - Jan 26th

Bunch of fun workouts to mess around with this week, make sure you make the time to get in and get them done.  Try and figure out at the start of the week when you are going to do them, as always if you need a hand figuring out what day is best to do what just speak to me.  We are cranking up the volume and higher skill conditioning coming into the Open, if you are unable to perform movements listed here ie you are struggling with MU full stop rather than getting out multiple reps then you need to make extra time to address these weaknesses asap.



Overhead Squat
find a 5RM - working from the ground - stick to a 12min timecap

10min EMOM
4 tng Snatch - pick the weight and work across


5RM tng - 12min timecap

rest as needed

8min AMRAP
10 Deadlift @ 80/120
10 Deadlift + 5/10 
etc etc, adjust weights as necessary



5 sets
Max UB Muscle ups
15 GHD situps
Max UB Double Unders 
rest 3min between


10 rounds
30sec t2b
30sec rest
15 box jumps
rest remainder of min

10min Pegboard AMRAP - every hole = rep, every time you drop off the board 10/15 cal AB