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Advanced 31st Jan

Doing a little bit more prep work towards the Super League comp next week as well as gearing everyone towards the Open which is kicking off in a couple of weeks.  As per last year I will be doing a couple of sessions specifically looking at how to prepare for the Open workouts week to week - how to approach the workouts both physically and mentally.  At this stage of the game you should be approaching all the workouts which are obvious Open style tests ala the 14min AMRAP today as if it were the Open, be calculated in your approach and hit them in a manner which leaves nothing on the table (and no desire to try it again on Monday morning)


Power Snatch tng 3 E90 x 7

-blocks for those with platform straddlin'issues...


Power Clean and Jerk (80/55)
Bar Muscle Up


14min AMRAP
35 wall balls
25 cal rower
22 HR pushups