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Advanced Aerobic Week 5 - Feb 2nd

I think most people got the skiErg done last week and found it was a delight, a few people are keen to redo it and improve which is fine, some people havent done it and need to do it still... Otherwise there is a fresh new skiErg workout coming your way this week - Id advise doing this early preparatory workouts now (and not skipping weeks) so that when we start doing interval work on the skiErg your actually used to using it...

Note - there is also a fair bit of crossover with the gymnastics work and the conditioning work at the moment leading into the Open

20 x 500m 
1min rest

this is going to be the last week of the 500m row repeats, we will hit some longer intervals next week for some testing before going down to a series of 250m intervals with a longer rest period and working on increasing power

20min for distance

no not a joke.

Complete Thursdays general class session