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Advanced Strength/Gymnastics Week 5 Feb 2nd

As mentioned there isnt any snatch work currently in the general programming so you need to be doing supplementary work on this a) being able to hit solid #'s and b) being able to do volume at weight

Workout 1

Full Snatch 
build to a heavy single

then max reps @ 70% of A in 7min

Workout 2

Power Snatch 12min EMOM
3reps working off high blocks


12-15min playing around with working up to a heavy 2-3 reps DB Snatch

Gymnastics 1

10 rounds
30sec hspu
30sec rest
30sec double unders
30sec rest

Gymnastics 2

10 rounds 
20sec CTB
40sec rest
10sec AD (Hard)
50sec rest

Gymnastics 3

2 rounds
50 T2B
30 burpee box jumps