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Advanced Strength/Gymnastics Week 9 - March 2nd

Due to the nature of the Open workouts and what we can expect to come up pretty soon, make it a priority to get the workouts below done as early as possible during the week and if you know the weights/reps set are high/heavy enough to make you rip/tear/excessively sore - look at scaling appropriately so get the benefit of the workout without putting yourself out of action for a couple of days

Workout 1

3 sets of

3min max UB sets CTB

3min max UB sets HSPU

2min rest

pick manageable numbers for both movements and look to get as much total volume as possible in each 3min block, ie sets of 5 UB CTB and 3 UB HSPU, rest as needed to get the sets done unbroken - be a little conservative with your set size and keep rests to a minimum

Workout 2

Front Squat

10min heavy 5 off ground

5min max reps @ 75% of A - every break 30 UB D/Us

Workout 3

Power Clean

12min heavy single (neat - no splayed legs....)

6min AMRAP

3 power cleans @ 80% of A 

3 burpee muscle ups