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Advanced Supplementary Week 12 - March 23rd

The Open is almost over so we'll be kicking into a different cycle of training after this week, only a small amount of supplementary stuff this week but as per each week try and get it done earlier rather than later in the week.  Last week I talked about starting to play with the handstand as a skill and looking to work towards a press to handstand (thats going to be our gold standard handstand skill over the next little while).  I think a few people didnt really know where to start with this (the 15-20mins practice) - the video above from GMB is fantastic for showing you some of the prep work you can be doing towards this - notice a lot of the floor prep is just good general flexibility work, I would suggest doing 15-20min work on the floor prep etc then doing either the row or the ski erg work.

Workout 1

heavy 3
Squat Clean + Split Jerk (technical practice - not touch n go)

Workout 2

5 rounds for time
12 T2B
400m ski

Workout 3

Handstand skill work

50 fat grip pullups - as few sets as possible

Workout 4

4 x 250m row

rest 2min between efforts


500m row

30 Thrusters @ 50/35

500m row 

yes this is just one session....