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Advanced 4th April

Been a break from supplementary training this week post Open, Im just sorting out the Regionals training schedule for the girls heading on to Wollongong, there will be a supplementary lifting program, gymnastics skills program and AD cycle starting this week, Ill also be publishing when the girls will be doing extra training and what sort of workout they will be doing - everyone is MORE than welcome to train with Steph and Emma during their road to Regionals, they need different people to go head to head with during workouts and Ill modify workouts to make it competitive, so if you want to get involved just get on in! (and it'll help kick yourself into gear ready for next year...)


Squat Clean and Split Jerk - ladder E90sec, going up by either 2.5kg / 5kg



50cal AD

40 Burpee Box Jump

15 PC @ 80/60

40 Wall Balls

15 muscle ups

then back up to the top