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Advanced Supplementary 6th April

After a week off we're back with supplementary work, we are switching to AD intervals as rowing is going to be in the regular class for the next 6 weeks.  Also the gymnastics work is going to continue to be skill based - this is a little bit harder for people to be self motivated with (3 x 5 HSPU is fairly clinical and easy to follow) - but try and set aside dedicated time to do some quality practice on the straddle press to handstand work - a) it will give you a cool party trick if you nail it and b) a better more technically proficient handstand will help get rid of shoulder issues and improve efficiency in movements like HSPU and Handstand walking - but you need to be able to stand still before you walk...

Lastly as you all know Steph and Emma are off to Regionals so they'll be doing some extra sessions in the next few weeks, if your keen to help them out as training partners (its always better with extra people around) - they'll generally be doing some extra conditioning / skill work Friday nights + Saturday afternoons, speak to me or the girls if your keen to come along.  Its a good chance to step your own game up (you dont have to be at Regionals level to train with Regional athletes).  

Strength Work1

Squat Clean + Hang Clean
6sets EMOM @ 65% 

Front Squat
5 x 5 @ 80%

Strength Work2

Split Jerk

4 x 5 @ 80%

Gymnastic Work1

20min straddle press to handstand work (check last weeks video for progressions)

Aerobic Work1

Ski Erg

5 rounds
15 GHD
250m ski

rest 2min between rounds

rest 5min after last round before -

5 sets
20sec ski
40sec rest

Aerobic Work2

AD 10rounds
1min on
1min off 
shoot for a pace just above 10min max effort AD pace.