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Advanced 20th April

Sorry about the delayed post this week. There is extra work this week as normal but for this week and the next 2 weeks part of the supplementary work is to be completing the Advanced Standards sheet. You are welcome to hit any of the standards on there but I would recommend initially trying to get some of the 1RM lifts done and the max sets of bodyweight movements done. I wouldnt worry too much about getting the "workouts" retested at this stage

You would have noticed from last week there is a regular back squat session in the regular class + supplementary front squat work here, if you want your squat to go up and in turn your Olympic lifts - do the squats. Also included here is 2 x week Iron Scap - this is the routine on the back of the XO Symmetry card, as opposed the the activation routine this is designed to be work - so your using harder bands etc. This is going to do wonders for strengthening your shoulders ready for more handstand and overhead work

Strength 1

Front Squat
6 x 2 @ 85-87%

Hang Clean
8min EMOM 3reps @ 60%

Iron Scap routine

Strength 2

5 sets
2 Push-jerk + 1 Split Jerk

Iron Scap routine

Gymnastics 1

Skill for the Week
Back Roll to Support on Rings

Aerobic 1

20min EMOM
AD cals - pick a number between 5-15 and hold...

Want to start seeing some numbers etc up on the Advanced Standards sheet, help me to help you!