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Eat Good, Sleep Good, Train Good Challenge 101

Here is your concise reference guide to how the EGSGTG Challenge point system works -

Week 1 - The first week is keeping a food diary (one will be provided for you at the start), there is an article on the website on keeping an effective food journal and there is also some guidelines in the booklet you’ll get.  The results of this food diary will help determine your food rules - which will decide how your earn or lose points each day.  

Note - as the Challenge goes on, each week you will be given information around nutrition - protein consumption, hydration, meal timings etc, based on this information you may look at adjusting your food rules.  The EGSGTG Challenge is meant to be dynamic and evolve over the 9 weeks (its not an overnight fix)

Weeks 2-9 - The main 8 weeks of the Challenge are based around a simple daily points system design to keep you accountable and on track towards your health and fitness goals.  Below is a guide to how the points system works and how to get the most out of it

The Points System

There are 3 categories - FOOD, SLEEP, TRAINING. Each area is allocated a maximum of 5 points each day (a total of 15 points), you start with maximum points and based on your rules you lose points for not meeting the conditions ie you’ve said you're going to cut out dairy, you have a glass of milk , you lose a point that day. easy.


With the food there are a couple of standard rules that you will lose points for :-

sugar - added in any form
alcohol - as amazing as it is, it is unnecessary for good health (and dont try and pull the antioxidants in red wine card). You drink, you lose a point, multiple drinks = multiple points - up to a maximum of 3 points
junk food - this is a pretty broad definition but essentially is anything that is pretty commonly referred to as junk food - pies, chips, fried oreos etc

Things That You May Lose Points For Depending on Individual

coffee - you may choose to limit your consumption or eliminate it completely depending on your situation (this will be one that will be linking with your sleep points as well)
dairy - for those looking to improve body composition especially this could be one to look at eliminating
gluten  - same as above, some people are tolerant, some people are not - the only way to know for sure is to remove completely from the diet
non-paleo - this is by no means a “Paleo” Challenge but some may choose to go down that path so they have a “diet” to follow, if you do go down this path eating non-paleo foods would be a loss of points
paleo “treats” - for those that enjoy a few too many bliss balls or slices of raw cake, this might be one to consider

Your Own Food Rules

This is the one where you really decide what level of the game you want to play at and what you really want to get out of the Challenge.  The most likely things you are going to include here are going to be based around foods to add into your diet ie eat 3 serves of green vegetables a day, eat 3 serves of protein a day, cook 5 meals a week at home. For these to be effective they need to be quantifiable (measurable) - its no good saying you’re going to try and eat more green veggies - you need a quantifiable daily/weekly target to hit.

This is where you and your partner need to bump heads and discuss what you are willing to do with each other, also hit up anyone else doing the Challenge as well to find out what they are doing (be inspired by others and try and be an inspiration yourself) - theres a whole bunch of people with their names on the board, use them!  Also the trainers are available to give words of wisdom, if you are completely lost as to what you should be doing or looking for more specific advice perhaps consider booking in for a 30min consult (which will be available for $30 during the Challenge and you can split the session with your partner)


The training points are also based around your own goals, everyone trains different amounts depending on their schedule, their experience, their goals and so on - so we arent just going to give out maximum points for rocking up at the gym everyday (although it certainly doesn't help to rock up at CFA on a fairly regular basis…)

The Basics

# of Sessions Per Week - easy one, decide how many times a week is reasonable for you to train, rock up and train. Don't train = lose point
Specific Training Goals - if you have specific training goals that you need to do specific work on, classic example is working on strict pullups and you’re meant to be practicing 3 times a week for 10mins, don't do it - lose points.  Speak to the trainers about this one if you need to
Recovery Work - if you know you burn the training candle at both ends or just the life candle at both ends, set yourself a training goal of doing a certain amount of recovery work per week ie a swim, coming to yoga on Sundays, foam rolling at home for 10mins - this is a massively neglected area
Quality Over Quantity - this is where you need a bit of tough love on yourself, if you turn up and train but its basically a crap effort, take off a point.  Showing up and going thru the motions isn't training.  If you notice that you often train poorly its a sign to look at the sleep and food part of the overall picture as well
Sunday Review - generally most people don't train on a Sunday (apart from yoga etc) so use this as a general weekly review day, overall was a it a good, medium or bad week and allocate points that way


This is a pretty easy one. points are allocated purely on the amount of hours that your eyeballs are shut at night.  From previous Challenges this is without a doubt the area that people struggle the hardest in, we’ll be giving out some information on quality sleep and ways to improve sleep quite early in the Challenge.  Sleep its free, easy and has massive benefits but no one wants to do it!

General Points Pointers

Once your into the 8 week portion of the Challenge, keep these pointers in mind -

Do it daily - we’ve done everything we can to make the recording process as simple and straightforward as possible so that you do it daily, seriously dont try and catch up multiple days at once - make your daily record another good habit
Get it signed off weekly - arrange to meet up with your partner, minimum once a week and allow at least 5min to discuss how your went with the previous week and sign each other off.  If you can't meet up with your partner, use either Ben, Steph or Ryan. Weekly scores go up EVERY week
Stay on top of it - seriously dont let one day become two become three, keep your head in the game.  Turning lead into gold is hard, filling out this journal is not.  It might seem not that important to do it EVERY day but it all adds up towards how commited you are to achieving your goals
The Points is the key to  Accountability, Accountability is the key to success. - seriously there is no excuse why you didn't get you booked signed every week, don't even bother trying one.  If you do mess up - move forward and get straight back on the wagon


There is a measurements page at the start of the booklet, as the Challenge is different for each individual you may or may not choose to use measurements as a benchmark for you success. Bodyweight is a pretty easy one and there are accurate scales in the office at the gym that you’re welcome to use anytime - if you do it as part of the Challenge do it at the same time each week.  If you’re interested in getting skinfold measures taken regularly speak to Ben about having this done (you can combine this with a consult about your food diary), otherwise another option depending on how far you want to take it is getting regular DEXA scans done (there are a couple of good places in Adelaide now).

Obviously its a points based Challenge so the person (persons) with the most points will be the winner, but the Challenge as cheesy as it sounds it more about the journey and the habits that you build than the points - that said we will be giving out prizes along the way and at the end for outstanding efforts.

That pretty much covers the ins / outs and everything of The EGSGTG Challenge, good luck with it and remember it is about you and your goals, it is going to be what you make of it and the habits you develop over the next 9 weeks will have benefits for the rest of your life.

Copyright Statement (this is from the booklet but applies to all the online material as well)

The information and witticisms contained within are the work of Ben Norman | CrossFit Adelaide, if you blatantly steal the ideas or one liners then know that you're a talentless hack that should be ashamed of themselves.  There are a million Challenges around the place, if you are intending to take ideas / material that is obviously from this booklet or the material on at least do the author the courtesy of letting them know, email  At least you’ll be able to look at yourself in the morning (as you check out the sweet body you got from doing this Challenge..)