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Advanced 18th May

Been a bit of a gap between Advanced homework but we are back on this week.  Movement of the month for June is going to be Snatch, we're going to be hitting it pretty hard in the regular classes but the only way to get seriously proficient at the moment is to practice (a lot) so there will be a fair bit of snatch supplementary work programmed in June as well.  That said we're going to kick off a bit of practice now and if you want to get ahead of the game - try and make getting some extra Snatch work in now a priority.

Session 1

Full Snatch (off blocks - mid thigh)
5 x 3

Front Squat
10 x 2 - building and resting approx 60sec between sets (not an EMOM)

Session 2

8min EMOM
CTB Pullups (pick challenging but achievable number)

8min EMOM
Strict HSPU

finish session with Iron Scap routine

Session 3

10 rounds
1min AD - hard
2min east

challenge yourself with the AD repeats.