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WOD 1/6/15 _M0M

We've hit just past the halfway point in the EGSGTG Challenge and its time to hand out some mid way prizes - Simone, Morning Matt and Joel L all score themselves a free 1hr nutrition consult, TH is our current points leader and scores himself one of the new CFA hoodies which will be dropping later this week.  Our other 3 prizes winners arent way out in front on points but have been consistent in posting their points each week and showing improvement.  We're getting pretty deep into the Challenge now and this week Id like everyone to have their book viewed/signed by myself or Steph, the article going up shortly in the Nutrition blog is about focus - and how to maintain it (after 4 weeks sometimes it gets a little hazy...)

We are wrapping up the May Movement of the Month with a chance to put together all the work we've been doing and either do a bunch of muscle ups or get a few more people getting their first strict muscle up.  Our new M0M commences tomorrow - for June (and a little bit beyond) we will be focusing on Snatch and trying to develop as much technical proficiency as possible with the lift (without losing your minds in frustration)


Strict Muscle Ups (15min)


4 rounds for time
15 Toes to bar
25 Burpees 

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