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Advanced 6th June - Competitions

Theres been a lot of interest from people that want to compete, Im doing a bunch of trawling around looking for quality comps both here and interstate - the 2 that stand out as being the best at the moment are the Schwartz Challenge Nov 7th and Hybrid Pairs in Perth on Nov 14th, Schwartz is generally invite only but if someone is at a decent individual level they can generally get in, the Hybrid comp looks like it could be pretty decent and is male / female pairs - I know its a road trip to Perth but there is decent chance of getting cheap flights if reasonably organised, there are events in Melbourne and Sydney as well but they are a bit earlier (September).  If anyone spots a comp that doesnt look like a steaming turd let me know and we'll see if we can get amongst it.

Ive also been in touch with Sam down at Loaded and Matty at Tenacity about doing some inhouse competition stuff with them and it looks like we will be doing a little 4 person team thing down at Loaded on the 20th.  Im working out the details with them at the moment but we're setting it up to give people a chance to compete against other decent people without the headfuck and expense of a full blown comp, its going to be pretty informal (basically like our normal Saturday morning class but with some other people and a bit longer)  as soon as I have details Ill let you know but it would be good to have a couple of teams together for it (btw no cost or official entries involved, literally just throwing down)

Also been harping on pretty hard about the standards sheet and people are getting it down, the tester workouts probably take the most time and effort to get down so do a bit of planning in your schedule to try and knock at least a couple of those out a week as week as the 1RM and bodyweight stuff.  Its not just the numbers Im interested in, its a bit of a test of motivation to see if people will undertake the sort of extra work that is involved to get really good (and it does take a little bit of extra work...)  Mondays 10am Open gym is the perfect opportunity to knock at least one of these workouts on the head, possibly the 100's...


Snatch Balance 
building on the work from last week getting aggressive under the bar


4 person teams - 2 girls / 2 guys

4 rounds for time 
30 cal row 
30 wall balls
20 toes to bar
20 power clean (50/35)
5 / 3 rope climbs 

format is easier to explain than type, but there is only 1 person working on 1 exercise at a time