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WOD 26/6/15 _ full snatch

Dont forget tomorrow morning we have our EGSGTG Challenge Seminar at 8am, this is your chance to debrief from the Challenge - find out who did well and why and learn from what you did right or wrong and be able to move forward, a few people have already made the call that they are going to cycle through again which is not a bad idea as the Challenge is designed for you to be able to do easily and for as long as you like (and form better habits for life)

Today we are hitting the movement of the month and trying to put it all together with full snatch from the ground, we've had people making crazy amounts of progress particularly in the last week so should be a good days lifting!


Full Snatch (20min building)


Front Squat (w/ pause)
5 x 5  @ 80%

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