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WOD 27/6/15 _3 x 7

Dont forget we have the EGSGTG Seminar rolling on at 8am this morning, fairly informal and meant to be a debrief from the Challenge as well as give insight as to how you can learn lessons from this Challenge and keep going with it! Will be time for Q & A as well.

Team 2 / 3

7min AMRAP
50 Push-press (40/30)
50 Push-press (50/40)
Max Push-press (60/50)

rest 3min

7min AMRAP
50 Lunges (40/30)
50 Lunges (50/40)
Max Lunges (60/40)

rest 3min

7min AMRAP
50 Burpees
50 Plate Burpees 
Max Burpee Box Jumps

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