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Supplementary 10th August

Advanced Standards will be up for retesting end of August / start of September - also bearing in mind there are a number of competitions coming up, have you been putting in the training to put up better numbers in the retest?


Session 1

5 x 1000m row

rest 3min

2 x 2000m row

rest 5min

Session 2

3 x 20min AD

10min rest

Session 3

2000m row
100cal AD
2.4km run


Session 1

10min HSW practice

2 x 1 - 5 Strict HSPU 

5min EMOM kipping HSPU

3 x max DB Press (aim for 10-15+ reps)

Session 2

5min butterfly practice

50 strict pullups for time (hardnuts go CTB)

Iron Scap routine

Session 3

4 x 3 STK

8min EMOM
Muscle up to 5 ring dips

3 x max DB Press (aim for 10-15+ reps)

Session 4

Kinda Lynne

5 sets max reps
Kipping HSPU
Kipping CTB

3 sets max T2B

Iron Scap routine