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WOD 27/2/16 _16.1

Its that time of the year again when the Open rolls around, we'll be doing the Open workout as part of classes on Saturday mornings for the next 5 weeks - 7am and 9am it will be incorporated into the class, ie we will have a normal warmup, modify the workout as necessary for people etc etc, outside of those times 8am - 9am and from 10am onwards the gym will be setup just for doing the Open workout completely to spec (ie with judges, no modified movements).  Its always a crazy time of the year and it can be a logistical challenge at times as the workouts are completely out of my control, but as long as everyone remembers be to cool, help out whenever they can - move gear, count reps and generally support everyone else - its an absolute rocking time of year as well, get down and get amongst it! 



20min AMRAP
25ft oh walking lunge (43/30)
8 Bar facing burpees
25ft oh walking lunges (43/30)
8 CTB Pullups

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