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April Supplementary Lifting

A few notes on the supplementary lifting, it is exactly that it is lifting supplementary to the lifting in the regular classes, it is not meant to replace it - if you miss one of the classes the advice would be to complete that lifting rather than substitute the supplementary (unless you have a specific weakness you are working on)

The main thing to notice is that there isnt a lot listed below, its not 76 different exercises in 23 different reps schemes.  Quality has to be the focus at all times, there is not a specific warmup listed for each session, that is on you to ensure you have a quality skill based warmup before commencing work sets (only work sets are listed below).  If you treat the workouts below as a series of check boxes and you just roll through the motions - you will get little to no benefit from doing "supplementary" training -spend the time getting mobile, then doing positional drills with the bar (and fixing errors - dont go through the motions), then start loading the bar and getting to work.

For the most part there are no %'s listed for any exercises, that does not mean keep adding weight to failure, it means get up to a weight where you are working (70-80%) but this is not a testing cycle, you should not miss a single lift due to the weight, we want you to hit basically every single lift.

Week 1 (April 11th)

Session 1 

3 Pos Full Snatch E90sec x 8 sets

3 SG Push-press + 3 OHS x 5 sets (do the push-press, hold the bar up and go into OHS)

Session 2 

Front Squat 10 x 3 (thats 10 sets of 3)

KB Bent Over Row 3 x 10 (thats 3 sets of 10)

Week 2 (April 18th)

Session 1

Back Squat 5 x 5
+ 5 strict pullups between sets

Session 2 

Full Snatch

SG Deadlift (top down)

Week 3 (April 25th)

Session 1

3 pos Power Snatch E90sec x 8 sets

SG Deadlift

Session 2

Front Squat 10 x 3

KB Bent Over Row 3 x 10