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6 Week balanceCFA Program (formerly the EGSGTG Challenge)

6 Week balanceCFA Program (formerly the EGSGTG Challenge)

We've had a couple of rounds of our EGSGTG Challenge roll through this year with everyone getting fantastic results - guys dropping kg's left right and centre and without ever actually being on a "diet".

We are kicking off another round shortly, we are rebadging it as the balanceCFA program as it better reflects what we are trying to achieve with people, a balanced approach to diet and lifestyle.

Its a 6 week program (with a pre-week of food diary homework) that consists of a weekly check-in with us where we help guide you through the week ahead and make sure you are making better choices (and keep you accountable to your goals). If you think your diet could be improved, you are interested in improving body composition, want some help just generally being better at life - this program is perfect. You have nothing to lose (apart from any weight you want to get rid of) and everything to gain (including sweet new muscle mass if that is your goal).

Due to the amount of time we spend with each person we can only take literally a handful of people at a time, a couple of people have already locked down spots for this round leaving only a couple of spots. Only $160 to help make the changes that you've always wanted to make (but didnt know where to start)

If you want some more information speak to Ben or Steph at the gym or hit up any of the guys that have participated already for the lowdown.