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July Supplementay

Apologies for the break between supplementary training, has been hectic with Granite Games and so forth.  We are going to take a slightly different tweak through to the end of September and be working a slightly modified version of Weightlifting 101 - expect to see each week repeated twice (ie you will do the same sessions two weeks in a row) and it to be very Bulgarian in style ie hitting a daily max and then doing % work based off that.

For the gymnastics component it is literally going to be listed as 20min of strict work, you know what you suck at. Work on it.  It can be EMOM, AMRAP, 5 x 5, it doesnt matter.  Doing something beats doing nothing.  If you need a hand with a plan - hit me up but I want to see a bit of homework / ideas first, ie "I need to improve my pullups, I was thinking of doing this"

Sessions will be posted as Pt 1, 2 and 3.  They can be done as 3 separate sessions or combined, for August / September I will also post in here a full outline out the regular class to allow you to plan your time more effectively

Week 1 + 2 (last 2 weeks of July)

Session 1

Snatch - max for day

then 10 x 1 @ 90%

Session 2

Power Clean + Jerk - max for day

10 - 1 @ 50%

10 Power clean
9 PC
9 STOH etc

Session 3

Back Squat - heavy 3

3 @ 90%

3 @ 80% 1 ¼

3 @ 70% (pause reps)

Session 4

20min minimum strict gymnastics work