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Supplementary 22nd August - 5th September

Next round of supplementary is up, some more gentle reminders about making sure you manage your schedule appropriately - there is an outline of the class listed to allow you to plan.  Dont neglect your own specific gymnastics or other specific work (aerobic, rehab etc) at the expense of trying to squeeze all the lifting in.  Strict gymnastics work doesnt have to be an epic session of deficit hspu and muscle ups - it can simply be strict / weighted pullups, dips, freestanding handstand work etc.

Another note - the supplementary lifting is based around being healthy and technically sound in the lifts, if you dont tick both these boxes then prioritise fixing any issues (shoulder weakness / imbalance / tightness) and working on the lifts from a technical standpoint rather than trying to hit #s.  

Lastly dont forget the ol standards sheet, it is there as a constant reference point for where you are aiming to be, dont be afraid to test and retest every so often to see where you are at...

Supplementary + Class Outline August 22nd  - September 5th

          Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Class week 1 Front Squat 5 x 5 @ 80% Strict Gymnastics / Metcon Interval Full Snatch Aerobic Deadlift (heavy) - metcon

Class week 2 Snatch Front Squat 1RM Strict Gymnastics Mixed mode conditioning Thrusters heavy Partner Interval
Power Snatch + Snatch daily 1RM (drop between reps)

Drop to 85% 5 sets as TnG (PS + S)

Drop to 60% and do 10--1

10 PS, 9 s, 8 PS etc
Back Squat daily 1RM

5 x 3 @ 70% 1 1/4 (feel free to do 1RM + 1 1/4 using chains for some variety as well)

Squat Clean and Split Jerk - daily 1RM

Drop to 90% and perfrom 1 rep EMOM for as long as possible
20min strict work

Snatch Pulls
3 x 5 @ 100% of Snatch