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Our Foundations program is the perfect way for anyone new to CrossFit or who hasnt exercised in a while to get started. Over 4 weeks and 8 sessions we progressively introduce all the fundamental movements that make up CrossFit training.  We start with basic bodyweight movements before moving into basic barbell lifts, gymnastics, kettlebells, rowing and intro Olympic Lifting (and a few other things in between)  Foundations is taught in a small group which means we have plenty of time to cover everything in detail and adjust all the movements to the current ability of the individual.
Our head coach Ben as well as being SA's 1st Level 3 CrossFit trainer has nearly 10 years experience in teaching CrossFit so you know you are going to be learning CrossFit the right way from the right people.
Classes are 6:30pm Friday nights and 8am Saturday night and run for 1 hour.
Please follow the link below to book or if you have any questions email 


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